The idea created in 2000 got its space to develop and form in that what is known in Novi Sad as Airport taxi transfer service.

Satisfied passengers are our priority and we guarantee that with our reliable drivers with their long experience in driving on the roads in our country and abroad.

For all previously mentioned reasons, and because of some more reasons you will find out during the taxi transfer, we believe that you should choose us for your taxi transfer from Novi Sad to the airport Nikola Tesla.

The airport taxi transfer service will strive to remain the leader in the area of interurban passenger taxi transfer and to set the standards and quality of the taxi service to the airport Nikola Tesla in its business.

There are no problems that cannot be solved by our professional team and you can be sure that the taxi transfer to the airport Nikola Tesla will be efficient.

We consider ourselves the most professional service for passenger taxi transfer to the airport Nikola Tesla and we are more than capable to respond to any of your requests!

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